Grippa Bean Bag

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Grippa Bean Bag Summary

Camera bean bags for Wildlife Photography

Whether on safari in Africa or photographing birds within the U.K. using a camera from a vehicle means finding a way to support your telephoto lens. The Grippa Beanbag offers a quick and flexible support for long lenses or telescopes.

The H shaped design of the Grippa Bag allows it to grip the door instead of sagging like a standard bean bag. It can even grip the window glass allowing the camera height to be altered by winding the  window up and down. It is a great improvement on a standard beanbag.

Measuring approximately 22cm square and made of a tough green camouflage material it is in effect two bags sewn together allowing the beans to move from one half to the other, which creates the gripping action. The bags unzip to allow filling with dried beans, peas, sunflower seeds or even corn. When flying abroad take it empty and fill on arrival. Rice is always available anywhere in the world.

Two tabs are attached which provide a means of tying the bag to the vehicle in case it should fall to the ground. Very useful from a safari vehicle amongst a pride of lions.

Suitable for lenses up to 800mm.

Available empty or prefilled with polystyrene beans

Free postage within the U.K.  

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Grippa Bean Bag - Peter - 27/05/2014
Bought one of these from Mike. Excellent service - ordered Sunday am, confirmation/dispatch within 1 hour and arrived Wednesday. Works perfectly, well constructed, very steady when in use. Only (minor) criticism is that, when filled with polystyrene beads, it rustles when in use.

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